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A new zine documenting the process of Read the Feminist Manual, a research introduction to gender discrimination in FOSS communities, and the lack of support in accommodating marginalized voices. The outcome of the project is a Firefox addon that replaces pronouns "she" and "he" with the neutral "they", intended for use in plain html pages of documentation.

Info and links to download the zine and the addon:

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The story behind the VPN-zine project, including funding+ hosting support, available here:

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#OtD 3 Oct 1993, Katerina Gogou, Greek anarchist poet, author and actor died by suicide aged just 53. After the fall of the dictatorship, she was a key figure in the early Athens anarchist scene, and a vigourous proponent of trans and gay rights

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Working on a web app (?) for fragmentary experimental text recognition (OCR). It’s really slow and doesn’t have interactive elements (for user input) right now but it’s doing someting.

Everytime you hit 'refresh' in the browser it will restart recognizing.

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naming your functions, synths, objects in your programming code with emotional names like love peace laughter smile giver joy tears dream awe smoothness appreciation kiss caress heartbeat

Got in my hands an issue of @Medor_mag
Love this article about the grafity of clits in Brussels, which aids to openly visualise a sex which even in anatomy books's been often hidden.

Systerserver sysadmins' interview by archived here:

My work as a designer and sysadmin interviewed by archived here:

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Forthcoming...Unerasable Characters I
#softwarepublishing: python > html + css + JS > pdf > print

Feminist Hack Meetings day 2, presentation in Greek, sequential in English.
live stream now (11am CEST)

You can also follow @streaming

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The European Media Art Platform (EMAP), co-funded by Creative Europe, just opened its new #call for projects! European #artists or collectives can apply with a proposal for a two-months #residency taking place between March & October 2023.

The deadline for applications is 30 November 2022.

All details :

Feminist Hack Meetings live stream starts in 30min (11am CEST)

You can also follow @streaming

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Oh gosh, those galaxy compression gloves are gorgeous


It cost 0$ to RT a Black disabled queer small business! It could lead to my next sale.

I sell pins, compression items (gloves, hip brace, wrist brace, socks, knee sleeves, etc), ita bags, plant pots, jewelry and so much more!

Store details below!


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fedizine: an anarchist introduction to federated social media is now online thanks to our friends at the F-91W Distro:

It's also available as a PDF for reading:

and PDFs for printing in colour:
or black and white:

:anarchism: :fediverso:

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From unemployment to press freedom and migration, this article briefly summarizes how Greek state fares at the lowest EU ranking

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Your #Android phone has a so-called Google advertising ID*, a unique number for your device. Using that, #tracking companies follow and record what you do on your phone, even across apps from different companies.

Luckily, you can now disable the advertising ID to make it harder for them to track you. We recommend doing this to everyone. Here's how it works.

*Unless of course, you’re using a google-free #LineageOS, #GrapheneOS or similar. :)

#privacy #dataprotection #advertisingid #gaid

Let's see if the European parliament will discuss the recent scandal of the Greek government spying on a member of the opposition.

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Due to popular demand we have (again) extended the deadline for PikselXX applications. New date is August 31. Please apply here:

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Gay Bombs user manual by Zach Blas

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