on friday i did 2 presentations in one day - before the workshop kick-off at schaumbad, i presented in the Laval Virtual World at Recto Vrso festival: youtube.com/watch?v=Rjrpxt4g-Q

i am in graz, at the wonderful schaumbad once again! :) on friday we started the Mobilise/Demobilise artist workshop, learning how to use the new UpStage platform for our cyberformance. here's a recording of my introduction talk, about cyberformance, UpStage, and Mobilise/Demobilise: youtube.com/watch?v=2sdW9ZolY9

yesterday gloria and i presented UpStage and the Mobilise/Demobilise project at FOSSASIA. there's a recording of our presentation here: upstage.org.nz/?p=8721

congratulations UpStage on winning an Innovation award at UNESCO Techcul! upstage.org.nz/?p=8708

e.foundation/ - a totally de-googled and secure mobile phone OS. the site has a handy list of supported devices - unfortunately my fairphone 1st edition is too ancient; if anyone else out there has experience with this OS, how is it?

UpStage has reached its first milestone ahead of schedule! we now have a working prototype of the basic functionality, and the developer team is powering ahead! Big applause for the team :) mobilise-demobilise.eu/milesto

there will be a SNEAK PREIVEW of the new UpStage this Sunday 17 January 11am, at the Stuttgart Filmwinter festival - online & free! registration required. filmwinter.de/programm/jenseit

this morning i interviewed linda kronman & andreas zelinger about their really interesting project "Suspicious Behaviour" kairus.org/suspicious/ - the interview will be on filmwinter.de/ in the next day or so :)

recordings of talks at the feminist hacker assembly at the rC3 in the last days are now online here: repository.anarchaserver.org/i

UpStage development is starting to get active on Github - please check it out and star the repo! github.com/upstage-org/mobilis

new github repo for the "moblise" UpStage rebuild - please "star" it! follow & join! :) github.com/upstage-org/mobilis

Very exciting news from the land of UpStage: our new project Mobilise/Demobilise has been selected to receive EU funding in the Creative Europe Cooperation Projects programme. The project will be realised in collaboration with Teater Interakt (Sweden), Schaumbad Freies-Atelierhaus (Austria) and the Centre for the Cultivation of Technology (Germany). Read all about it here: upstage.org.nz/?p=8547

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Which fuse? A tea towel as a manual on what fuse you need and how to replace one made by the Electrical Association for Women in 1970s. source: theguardian.com/technology/202

3 years ago i bought a laptop that came preinstalled with Linux; this was a good & easy way for me to transition from decades of being a mac user, to being a linux user. the company i bought from was Entroware, entroware.com/store/. today i saw a post on the Ubuntu Mate community with a link to another company, Star Labs:
sharing for you to pass on to any friends & colleagues who might be hesitating to make the switch :)

just back from the demo at siemens munich HQ, protesting siemens support of fossil fuel extraction by working with the illegal adani coal mine in australia, while australia burns ... one of the marchers had a placard that read, "It's easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of capitalism." well, i can ! it's not hard, and it looks fucking great! can you too?

"Networked Conversatoins as Activism": article about the use of cyberformance and networked conversations to encourage critical thinking & civic engagement: interact.com.pt/30-31/networke

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