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“The technology behind the internet is not incompatible with our rights, but the business model Facebook and Google have chosen is.”

Yep, that’s Amnesty International saying that.

la politica parlamentaria es un fucking teleteatro

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"Do you have something to hide?" is a manipulative rebuke to those that use #encryption.

It would help us all turn this conversation around. Because, the answer is: YES, we do have something to hide.

Things that we should hide, and must question why a government or business NEEDS access to:

- Medical history.
- Sensitive conversations with employers, children, spouses.
- Billing and banking information.
- Purchase information.
- Web search history.
And more...


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Sorry for the unexpected down time!

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Google has access to detailed health records on tens of millions of Americans

"Project Nightingale" is an attempt to squeeze more money from patients.

No salio la reforma constitucional en Uruguay para sacar a milicos a la calle! Igual un montón de gente voto el si 😐

"La empresa, a su vez, solicitó tener un acceso importante a agua para refrigerar los equipos." google instalandose en zona libre de impuestos en Uruguay

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From GitLab:

- We're adding tracking
- Including third-party tracking
- There will be proprietary scripts
- The website and API will be broken for you until you agree

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