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waiting on the gate that is boarding a plane to west palm beach and I'm so happy I'm not going to west palm beach

ok people, EVERYBODY has opinions and can think. If somebody is not saying something is not because lack of thoughts BUT safety and inclusion and space for expression

"Yep, that’s right. Putting on some long, red garment and a fancy white hat does not suddenly make the struggle of being both black and female yours, but that is exactly what Atwood has been allowed to get away with for this long."

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Tor needs your help.

So does an entire ecosystem of privacy and anonymity projects that rely on Tor:

Please donate today to keep Tor and an entire ecosystem strong:

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"Most modern browsers... have vulnerabilities that allow hosts of malicious websites to extract hundreds to thousands of URLs in a user’s web history, per new research from the University of California San Diego...

The only browser that was immune to the attacks was Tor Browser"

Yup, sounds about right.

first time i hear the phrase "diversity trend" 😱

la gente necesita que alguien la escuche

people need to be heard

I'm always amazed by the incredible ridiculous questions of this people making laws

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Hey everybody, the ArchiveTeam tumblr tracker is up and running!

If you have resources, please install Archiveteam's warrior program to contribute to the project! We're already up to 11TB and 187 million pages archived, but we're going to need a lot more help to get all the NSFW content before the 17th!

irc is #tumbledown on efnet, you can add blogs to be saved at

hearings on tech and privacy in the congress are fascinating AND also the monopoly guy on minute 39 on it 😂

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recommendations on phones? My phone is failing

beautiful post with a lot of images describing what they are showing

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