Overview of feminist hackspaces in Germany - I had no idea there's so many <3.

This is a screenshot of a talk at . The video in German: media.ccc.de/v/36c3-130-ein-te

Dear all, I would like to put some energy into inviting more people to this lovely little space we have. Want to help? Want to join thinking about it?

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For people looking for an alternative to Facebook events that isn't spammy like evite and the like, I recommend checking out gath.io

It requires no login, basically you provide an email address, you get a unique editing URL, you make a nice looking event form, and people can RSVP there. Your event and all related info is deleted from their DB 2 weeks after the event is over.

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Mark your calendars: the Eclectic Tech Carnival 2019 will take place in Athens, Greece, from 7 to 13 October!
Watch for the Open Call coming on 1 August - hope to see you there.

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Going to Paris for a few days of vacation this week - any tips what to do or see?

CCC Camp talk on digital violence against women was accepted and I think that's very nice :).

Anyone here going?

@gaba is the server open for new users yet? (Asking from and for Heart of Code, Berlin's feminist backspace)

Systerserver Town

Very very small instance for feminists. Right now this instance is only moderated by Gaba & Anne with anne-and-gaba-kind-of-rules and it is invite only. If you want an invite send a message to gaba at systerserver.net.