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Mañana comenzamos la formación on-line:
"Análisis de datos de #cienciaciudadana de"
Lugar: YouTube de la @UBUEstudiantes
21 y 22 de julio, de 18:30 a 20:00
#biodiversidad #OpenData
+ info:

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‘We live in a world where a tree is worth more dead than alive, in a world where a whale is worth more dead than alive. For so long as the economy works in that way and corporations go unregulated, they’re going to continue to destroy trees, to kill whales, to mine the earth, and continue to pull oil out of the ground even though we know it is destroying the planet and we know that it’s going to leave a worse world for future generations. This is short-term thinking based on this religion of “profit at all costs”, as if somehow, magically, each corporation acting in its selfish interest is going to produce the best result.

This has been affecting the environment for a long time. What’s frightening, and what, hopefully, is the last straw that will make us wake up as a civilization to how flawed this theory has been in the first place, is to see that now we are the tree. We are the whale. Our attention can be mined. We are more profitable to a corporation if we’re spending time staring at a screen, staring at an ad, than if we’re spending that time living our life in a rich way.

We’re seeing the results of that today. We’re seeing corporations using powerful artificial intelligence to outsmart us and figure out how to pull our attention toward the things they want us to look at rather than the things that are most consistent with our goals and our values and our lives.

The attention extraction model is not how we want to treat human beings. The fabric of a healthy society depends on us getting off of this corrosive business model. We can demand that these products be designed humanely. We can demand to not be treated as an extractable resource.

The fundamental way that this stuff is designed isn’t going in a good direction. Any of it. It sounds crazy to say that we need to change all that but … that’s what we need to do. We have to.’

— Various speakers, The Social Dilemma (2020)

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Massive data leak reveals Israeli NSO Group's spyware used to target activists, journalists, and political leaders globally

Violències i tecnologies

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Conspire is in essence to act behind the back of others.

No corporation, no government, nor any kind of centralized power can prevail without conspiring.

You can be certain they don't like transparency, they restrict access to information which is in fact universal.

They conspire against themselves striving for power, but mostly against the weak and poor.

So don't come to me with the argument that conspiracy theories are far from reality.

Conspiracy is the very basis of this sick society.

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450 pages of tips, tricks and tutorials – the Getting Started Guide for LibreOffice 7.1 is here! Huge thanks to our documentation community for working on it. Grab the PDF here:

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@calafou, colonia ecoindustrial postcapitalista estrena nueva web construida con typesetter y autoalojada.

Rápida y limpia, genera tan solo 0,22g de CO2 por visita.

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Pride Month is over, but that just means Pride Year continues!

I just wanted to highlight my latest newsletter, because I put a lot of thought into the intro this week.

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I haven’t driven my car in a couple of weeks and a bunch of little plants sprouted in the windshield wiper groove 🌱

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Remember when the web was simple and you could learn most of what you needed to make a website in a weekend?

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Do you use LibreOffice?

Please help share.

Please tell your purposes with #LibreOffice in the comments.

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"If you have concerns about your technological practices, share them, discuss them, help them to circulate. Technological practices are not individual issues. They have a social dimension that we should make into an issue. Technologies should be on the collective agenda, just like health, work or political participation. We need to talk about technologies."

- Margarita Padilla in the preface of "Technological Sovereignty 2":

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oh ffs there are children playing on the garden .. having fun...

How can i remain miserable with that going on !

bloody minxes ! x

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