App to recommend: ViMusic. On F-droid
Aplicación muy recomendable : ViMusic. En F-droid

Si tienes el gas natural doméstico contratado en el mercado libre, es casi seguro que te están cobrando de más. Pásate a la Tarifa de Último Recurso (TUR), ahorra dinero todos los meses y cuéntaselo a todo el mundo. Es muy fácil pero tu distribuidora no te lo va a contar.

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The Calyx Institute is hiring a Web Developer
Full time remote position, apply by October 12 2022.

Paul Gilmour, from the University's Institute of Criminal Justice Studies: "In their basic form they are warehouses located within free-trade zones that lie within a country's geographical border but are designated by that country's government to be outside its normal customs regime.

From their own advertising: no need for minimum wage, or laws; just private contracts whereby, if a 'citizen' thinks services are not being provided, they can stop paying the 'fee' - no tax

"he main aim is to establish a network of strategically placed, fully independent cities around the world, that will not only engage in a race to the bottom of standards for their residents but will also exhaust the natural resources of their surrounding areas. They will be parasites on the countries and communities to which they are attached, leaching everything from them while contributing nothing, never mind the fate of those unlucky enough to have been trapped within their boundaries."

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"He encontrado una libretilla con apuntes de frases dichas por madres ucranianas, a las que llaman despectivamente gestantes, y me ha puesto los pelos de punta. Aún me sorprende lo inhumano del negocio. Estas son algunas frases que dijeron esas madres:"

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Anyone who has ever been to Great Britain during one of Queen Elizabeth II's crown jubilees knows that an era ended today - no matter how you feel about the monarchy in Great Britain!

June 2012 Christoph Koester #Abergavenny/#Wales/#UnitedKingdom

#uk #gb #QueenElisabeth #Queen
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A veces decirse cosas bonitas es bien (si se sienten). Somos seres humanos.

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Que creéis que sería más interesante probar primero para hacer webs estáticas a partir de contenido en markdown (o similar)

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Finally came across a group using something other than Google forms to coordinate their action

They're using Framaforms (TIL about this tool)

The group is which is planning a global day of action on Sep 9 in solidarity with flood victims in Pakistan

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Protest the stabbing of Salman Rushdie by all means. But don’t forget to protest even more loudly the silencing and disappearing of Julian Assange.

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