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Hey, we just released Taper #8 : 8-Bit Nostalgia:

Taper is an online magazine of FLOSS computational poetry, none of it exceeding 2KB. We have 23 poems/artworks in this issue by 20 authors, thanks to the efforts of editors Kyle Booten, Angela Chang, Leonardo Flores, Katy Ilonka Gero, Judy Heflin, and Eugenio Tisselli.

Please enjoy it! Please plunder any of the code (offered under an all-permissive license) if you like, too.

analogue media 

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📢 Job opportunity - I'm looking for a colleague to join me at #Berlin in a position of junior #DevSecOps please send directs for deets & boost. #devops #infosec @info_activism

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#MENA · Rencontre avec des spécialistes.
Le 18 mai, #Médor invitait des spécialistes à échanger avec le public, autour de la question de l'accueil des MENA et pour compléter l'enquête "Je ne suis pas un menteur".

L'enquête et les interventions vidéos des spécialistes sont à découvrir ici :

#exil #migration #immigration #droit #jeunesse

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Back from a missions as IT support for #seawatch on the ground, with us 155 guests, we rescued out of the Search and Rescue Zone (SAR 1) . Circulating frontex drones, lybian coast guards, and the Juventa case, make me shout all push back is illegal!

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Today I offer you a Chinese slang: 面子工程 (miànzi gōngchéng)。miànzi is face, image, in the abstract way, wanting to look good. gōngchéng means a project. miànzi gōngchéng is mostly used to describe things that the authority does not for any real good but for looking good. I thought of this word when I saw the White House's announcement of BTS joining Biden to discuss Anti-Asian Hate Crimes. (at this very time seriously?) The white house/world has used BTS in every way for their miànzi gōngchéng.

Repeat the last command by typing !!
Never thought to look it up as I was using the arrows. But trying to narrow my typing surface and exclamation marks are closer than the arrows :P

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Feminist Hack Meetings #6
How about access?

At Varia & Online
Saturday, 4 June 2022
11:00 to 14:00 CEST

This FHM session is for us to reconsider the accessibility of online realms. Artist-design duo #MELT will share their research and practice around accessibility in their talk called 'Shapeshifting Dreams: Practicing Towards Accessible Institutions'. After this presentation, we will continue with a hands-on workshop to experiment with tools and approaches that move us towards more inclusive ways of being together in online and hybrid spaces.

More info:

To register: Mail to mentioning the name of the event in the subject line.

@p_p @melt #varia #fhm #femimist #hack #meetings #accessibility

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I hope people understand that when we talk about censorship we are thinking of different things. While some may think erotic stuff or swear words got censored is annoying, other may get sentenced to 3 years in prison just because they logged on Twitter and reposted only. Whoever trying to use that “all lives got censored/ some westerners too” rubbish to tell me something they think they know so well can f*cough.

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EU folks, the latest @EU_Commission proposal for scanning private communications and undermining end-to-end encryption is an extreme threat to privacy.

It threatens the right to meaningful encryption and would force your communications to be subject to scanning and classification by AI outside of your control. Truly dystopian shit.

This won't become law without the EU parliament's assent, so please follow this closely and speak up. See EDRI's analysis here:

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I'm starting a small call for entries for a yet-to-exist 'zine on tech for resting, being lazy, letting be, and having a break. Share wide and far.


For the first Fallow Zine, la Jachère is interested in contributions about the following topics, but not limited to them.

- Lazy tech or tech for the lazies
- Tech that falls into place, fits, is just enough
- Tech for rest, pause, have a break, take a breath
- Tech for preservation, of the status quo, of energy, of a moment, of equilibrium

More on

- Deadline: 21. June 2022 (more or less… deadlines are thresholds to play with)

#zine #technology

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Maybe a good chance, during and many eyes watching, to share the videos made by our first peertube art residents.
MELT were invited for a monthly art residency on our feminist and collectively managed tube, to create an animation introduction to their ACCESS SERVER project, which comes in a few versions (with captions, sign-language, subtitles) to take into account online accessibility

MELT @access_server

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Yes! Rosa Luxemburg in Greece just wrote me that they will cover all the expenses! I'm so happy, I couldn't make it other way.

read-the-feminist-manual was accepted for the exhibition during the conference in Portugal. Alas, the organization doesn't cover expenses, and on top of it, I'd need to pay registration. I cannot afford it, neither I want to pay for being part of an exhibition. I find it strange that independent artists need to pay while their art research is already so precarious.
As a friend put it, in the north they pay you, in the south you pay.

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#^20 of the best films to help understand what’s happening in Ukraine

Documentaries and fiction features that contextualise the unfolding horrors in the former Soviet republic, as chosen by researchers at Ukraine’s Dovzhenko national film centre in Kyiv

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