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Zineing with (F)eminist (H)ack (M)eetings @SPREAD Zinefest (at Sign Gallery at Groningen), with lots of scanning, printing, binding, patching, folding, annotating, re-reading, messing.

It was amazing to see such a rich zine collection made by the hosts of SPREAD from feminist, artist zine makers from far away.

Thanks all the zine contributors who send their feminist zines and participants of the workshop.

Check out the FemLib with links from the publications of the contributors in the wiki :)

With @estragon and Julia
#fhm #sign #spread #femlib #zines #wiki

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European night train network! Didn’t know until now that there is such an elaborated proposal by the German Greens. Imagine direct connections Vienna–Bordeaux, Helsinki–Berlin, Munich–Palermo, Stockholm–Prague, Glasgow–Frankfurt …

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If you wish to opt-out from the general chat surveillance adopted in the EU, you'll have to host yourself or under your control...

At a civil service helpdesk yesterday, should we call it interface hacking?

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Another little generator project. This is a tool made for the art event Lesbiennale (, aimed at the organisation team so that they can create pictures for their social network accounts by playing with the automated layout of the tool. Then PNG files are generated and can be downloaded.

#graphicdesign #webtoprint

About the wildfires here in Greece. It is frustrating and sad to read accounts of survivors pointing out that no firefighters were there to help. The state sent evacuation messages too early, in fear of being accused of inflicting deaths. They also didn't allow fire trucks to enter forest paths for the same reason. We had fires that lasted more than a week.

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I wrote a single file NNTP server library in python with no dependencies that allows you to build NNTP servers/bridges for your communities with ease! I've added two example servers, one static one and one that mirrors the top posts from hacker news

#nntp #python

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As part of Writing Machine Collective in Hong Kong, we're organizing a free online symposium:"Knowledge Asymmetries in the Age of #Machine #Learning". Great line-up with Lauren Lee McCarthy, Btihaj Ajana, Beatrice Fazi, Adrian Weller and Frank Pasquale. Very much looking forward to it. See/

The first one is on next Tue - You Can Say “Talk to Me” 你可以說「告訴我」by Lauren Lee McCarthy (Artist and Associate Professor at UCLA Design Media Arts), the session is moderated by Winnie Soon (Artist-researcher and Associate Professor at Aarhus University)

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The last few months have been difficult and I'll have bills to pay soon so I'd appreciate some help!
Check out my shop for original art, prints, bookmarks etc:
Or throw me a coin if you want:
Please boost, thanks 💙

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

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Hiring: We are currently hiring for 3 positions, are you the right person?

* CI/CD focused Engineer for the Infrastructure Team
* Rust developer for the App Team
* Frontend developer for the Services Team

Print-making gets messy, stressful but also fun! We are sending new geeky stuff to spreadzine festival in Groningen NL. Exhibition at sign project space 17 - 26 September.

The other half of psaroskala team created a new zine totally old school, hand made and photocopied about our zines display construction from wood!

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For a while now I’m playing with ImageMagick 7 and Bash scripting and sine functions to generate (text) collages. I created a public repository to wrap up the project for now.

Some of the results will be part of a book coming in spring/summer 2022 🎉

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Powerful text features in the next version of Inkscape:

I haven't done a feature video in a while. But this one's great! (thanks to xkcd for the CC-NC art)

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