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if your antifa work consists of pasting stickers, tagging etc. please read this.

when I moved to Germany I was depressed, dysphoric, didn't speak the language, didn't leave my room, didn't make friends for >2 years. Trump had just been elected on racism against Latinx immigrants, and I had trauma from gender-based street violence in my country. Europe was having an immigration crisis, and parties like the AfD seemed on the rise. I felt as afraid in the streets as I learned to be in Brazil, scurrying through the evenings, heart thumping. Are neonazi emboldened by all this? Am I going to get beaten?

I was vaguely socialist but not politically aware. I was barely aware of what was "antifa" until Spencer got punched. It was a surprise for me to see antifa graffiti and "immigrants welcome" stickers almost every block, everywhere I went. It made me feel like there were people here who would stand by me (correctly :anarchismred:⁠).

if your antifa work consists of pasting stickers, tagging etc. it makes a lot of difference. you make people feel seen and cared about. with all my heart, thank you <3

Psaroskala zines are taking part in Glasgow Zine Festival 2021 for the month of April.
All zine makers have a video interview displayed at their tables. Check them out!

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We translated our article about surveillance at EU borders. It's about how the European Union is helping the surveillance industry to test its technologies on people in exile, in its race for profit and arms

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This Friday, April 2nd 2021, Page Not Found ( ) and the Master Experimental Publishing ( #XPUB ) at the Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy, are delighted to invite you to the launch of their Special Issue #14, entitled “I Don't Know Where We're Going, But — A Local Network City Quest”.

Join #XPUB for a game of urban pinball as you drift through the streets of Den Haag. And it's free? Yes:

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We are sending out to our members the booklet of servus, a vademecum made to have all the useful links to our online toolbox guide "book of servus" at your fingertips!

Don't forget to add #thebookofservus to your bookmarks:

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When writing provokes discomfort in me (which is, very very often), I try to keep in mind that writing is a good excuse to read stuff. I write to learn and understand more than expressing myself. The journey is what matters.

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for those where the season is getting warmer, instead of buying ant traps and what not, consider using peppermint oil and bay leaves to naturally ward them off without harming them.

also consider setting up a bee watering station if you can, to create a safe place for bees to get water. be careful to monitor it because still water can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

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I found a way to make variable fonts with free softwares only. It requires Fontforge and two Python modules (AFDKO and fontmake). My code here:
#variablefont #python #freesoftware

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I made something I wanted to try for a long time for the Feminist Hack Meetings in Rotterdam: an HTML poster generator. The organizers have the basic pattern of the poster on a webpage and they can modify and generate themselves the posters for the other events #webtoprint

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Hey fedi, the Recurse Center is offering up to $1000 to trans/non-binary/women programmers for upcoming batches. RC changed my life and is just an amazing experience/community -- see here for more:

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This sunday we are coming out of here - - and into your earssss for Read & Repair with @ccl and sonic help from @anglk and @suroh

We will absorb the works of electronic music composer Maryanne Amacher, including her proposition for a media opera entitled Intelligent Life. Existing only as a storyboard, Intelligent Life was an "opera consisting of nine one-hour-long episodes designed for television broadcast with in-home FM simulcast. As of yet, it has not been taped, recorded, or broadcast."

We will then use the work and research of artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan to reconsider the politics of listening. We want to consider developments of surveillance and machine listening, in combination with Amacher's imaginatory potential for how artificial intelligence could transform our sensorial ability to connect to the world around us.

[ image shows a sketch found inside the storyboard of the media opera, including an ear with a wavy line going through it and musical notes on the side. A hand pressing buttons on a television, a landscape image with lines beaming out of it, and a square with an arrow and lots of wavey lines being directed at two circles. ]

Date: Sunday, 28th March 2021
Time: 11:00am-13:00pm CET
NOTE: This reading session will be held in English.

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Announcing The Anarchist Library in Korean, for the Korean language anarchists! The Korean Anarchist Library |


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Oooh, DeepL has added 13 European languages! Including Danish, Swedish, Hungarian, …

DeepL quality consistently outperforms Google Translate. It's also great because DeepL doesn't use English as common ground between non-English languages.

!!Con 2021
Call for talks about a topic that:

- is computing-related!
- is about something you think is interesting and cool!
- has at least one exclamation mark in the title!

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Hello #Ireland We still need 6000 signatures. Sign and share this citizens’ initiative, and ensure that the Europe does everything in its power to make vaccines a global public good, freely accessible to everyone.

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In the Feminist Hack Meeting #1 @mara introduced us to mailing lists migration with Mailman. The migration of feminist lists hosted by the systerserver project was realised successfully and we went through the 'pain' all together! Here are some photos/screenshots from that day.

Thanks to all the participants who joined!


Hosted by: @estragon @anglk

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Tune in tomorrow at 18:00 CET to listen your truly talking about The User Condition txt and chat back. The event is also a testing ground for the Narrowcast experimental platform which is currently being put together by people at Varia!

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With people at OSP we met #IgorNovikov at multiple @lgm conferences and he always amazed us with his dual activities, psychologist and passionnated developer of vector editing #sk1. We found other ways to process #cmyk #vector files, but his software was always a helpfull alternative. And we've liked a lot his strong eastern presence as an alternative posture amongst standard chilling western developers! Too young to die. Regrets!

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