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Announcing The Anarchist Library in Korean, for the Korean language anarchists! The Korean Anarchist Library |


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Oooh, DeepL has added 13 European languages! Including Danish, Swedish, Hungarian, …

DeepL quality consistently outperforms Google Translate. It's also great because DeepL doesn't use English as common ground between non-English languages.

!!Con 2021
Call for talks about a topic that:

- is computing-related!
- is about something you think is interesting and cool!
- has at least one exclamation mark in the title!

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Hello #Ireland We still need 6000 signatures. Sign and share this citizens’ initiative, and ensure that the Europe does everything in its power to make vaccines a global public good, freely accessible to everyone.

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In the Feminist Hack Meeting #1 @mara introduced us to mailing lists migration with Mailman. The migration of feminist lists hosted by the systerserver project was realised successfully and we went through the 'pain' all together! Here are some photos/screenshots from that day.

Thanks to all the participants who joined!


Hosted by: @estragon @anglk @decentral1se

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Tune in tomorrow at 18:00 CET to listen your truly talking about The User Condition txt and chat back. The event is also a testing ground for the Narrowcast experimental platform which is currently being put together by people at Varia!

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With people at OSP we met #IgorNovikov at multiple @lgm conferences and he always amazed us with his dual activities, psychologist and passionnated developer of vector editing #sk1. We found other ways to process #cmyk #vector files, but his software was always a helpfull alternative. And we've liked a lot his strong eastern presence as an alternative posture amongst standard chilling western developers! Too young to die. Regrets!

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I have been toying with the idea of a website that would details an "Open Creative Suite" for ages.

Looks like TJ Free has done most of the work already:

What do you think is missing from this list, to give people a viable alternative to the main Adobe products?


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Fediverse, we're looking for other creative people / artists who are into making live visuals, videos or animations. Please help us to connect with them!

Feel free to boost this if you know your followers are into this kind of creations/art, or please point us to their own accounts.

We Pixelflowers make colorful, psychedelic, glitchy live visuals - usually as a "video track" for electronic and techno music.
We use a laptop for loops, and other old-school equipment and techniques: camera feedback, old video mixers, analog video synthesizers.

We're looking for artists to connect with, and for moving imagery to play with.
For example, we could create processed/glitched versions of your videos/animations; we'd provide you with them (to reuse as you may wish) and we'd include them in our shows.

We're queer, NSFW-friendly and pro-social-justice - just so you know ;)

If you'd like to collaborate get in touch!

cc @Curator

#vj #vjing #visuals #video #videoart #videofeedback #videosynthesis #glitch #glitchart #mastoart

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I am currently working on a CSS to sound live-coding system called Cascade. 💦 Watch a commented demo here:

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Oof! A project I've been working on for about a year at $DAYJOB got finally released as FLOSS:

The basic idea is:
1. get your DNS zone file
2. set up some rules for each host
3. deploy this to a small VM somewhere
4. check the generated test results every day to see if there are any surprisingly open ports, hosts that should not be up/pingable, or #TLS config that is less than great on some endpoints

I need to document it a bit better, yes.

#InfoSec #DevOps

FAANGsexual? what? I just came across this on a coding video. What a laugh.

From yesterday's migration workshop, screenshots from the terminal slides (made

At the end of the session we created a new list to exchange info on tech zines, inspiring docs and other manuals.
If you would like to subscribe:

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Hi! We’re a group of open-source developers making the command line a friendlier place, one character at a time.

💁🏻 More info: `ssh`
👀 Check out:


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My current state is overly emotional about the fact that the detection and confirmation of gravitational waves came from waves due to the collision of two black holes millions of years ago.

Meaning those waves began before multicelluar life and travelled billions of kilometers, and it just happened that we evolved and learned and created in the way we did so that millions of years later we could measure them and see the effects of the collision happening, and that's so amazing to me.

There is still places for the workshop tomorrow at 11 CET, on installation+migrations.
If you would like to join registration is free, check out

Awesome poster by @ameliedumont

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Systerserver Town

Very very small instance for feminists. Right now this instance is moderated by Gaba & Anne & Mara open to people we know or recommended. If you would like to join send an email with a short introduction to gaba at and hi at