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Useful, efficient and although relatively old, e-mail remains an important key service in our day to day lives. For this reason, we still operate our own e-mail server in our data center in Linz.

A email address is a safer alternative to G̶m̶a̶i̶l̶ and O̶u̶t̶l̶o̶o̶k̶.

Get to know more about our e-mail through our ultimate guide #thebookofservus


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I just signed the potent Art for UBI manifesto. Here's my favorite line: "Bureaucracy is the vampire of art workers’ energies and time turning them into managers of themselves." instituteofradicalimagination.

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Je vous présente mon jeu Jasons!, converti en bot sur Mastodon:

Ça post un sujet de conversation à chaque 6h. Assis-toi et jasons!

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On déballe Crickx
Conférence en ligne
Lien d'accès à la visioconférence :
Mercredi 10 février
"#SophieBoiron @boisophieron
et #PierreHuyghebaert déballent les archives du 102 Avenue Rogier, magasin de lettres autocollantes de #Crickx père et fille, pour la conférence inaugurale du laboratoire de recherche et création qui s'ouvre à l'ESA #Le75 autour de l'archive Crickx.
Le laboratoire Crickx réunit une équipe transdisciplinaire d'enseignant·e·s et d'étudiant·e·s afin d'expérimenter des enjeux artistiques et de design contemporains autour de cette singularité typographique qu'est la Crickx: économie de moyens (production lente et moyens de diffusions alternatifs), pratiques locales (artisanat et amateurisme-professionnel vernaculaire). De février 2021 à juin 2022 ce laboratoire invitera des artistes et penseu·r·se·s acti·f·ve·s à contribuer à cette recherche, pour aboutir à une restitution, sous forme d'exposition, à l'été 2022.
Quelques indices :

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:ablobcatattention: Coucou les fédinautes :ablobcatattentionreverse:

Petit coup de pub pour mon blog où je viens de publier un article expliquant comment supprimer ses vieux toots sur Mastodon ou Pleroma.

Mon ptit article 🔗 vous montrera l’outil ephemetoot qui vous permettra de faire un grand ménage en filtrant en fonction de la date, du type de toot, des hashtags qu’il contient…

#fediverse #blog

I'm reading some pygame tutorials, and the author mentioned how a character's jump can be coded with the quadratic formula of: ax²+bx+c=0
which is actually a parabola.
In the pygame code, character's height is y -= (jumpCount * *2)* 0.5
How this was a quadratic function?

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I hadn't learned about Pauli Murray until today. Them and their story are pretty amazing.

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I've been listening to NPR tiny concerts since last night

This by Michael Kiwanuka (iirc one of his was opening soundtrack for big little lies series)

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It's kind of exciting/eerie/weird/creepy to be out #cycling after #curfew
There are still some cars, buses, almost no cyclists. Everyone scurries away. It feels like pre-dawn 4AM, but it's 22:45..
In my head, somewhat thinking what I would say if I was pulled over, taking into account that my demographics are in my advantage...

Late night sewing on the demo-exhibition tomorrow of the Sampler Sampler. If you're in Brussels tomorrow..

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Anyone out there who knows how they did that #digital #adbusting in Brussels?

We‘re interested in hints about the probably used technique.

Digital billboards gonna be a big change not just for outdoor advertisers, but so for activists.

Please boost!

Gang: jcd
Location: Brussels
Date: 22.12.20

#adbusting4.0 #help #followerpower #worldbusterssocialclub

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"A much more complex world than what is shown in Blade Runner, which inspired it, and a more in-depth and realistic reflection of the dilemma insinuated by the replicants" -Nerdando
Help this indigenous one-person dev us pay some bills and feed kids!
#cyberpunk #indiedev

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📖 Drawings by José Guadalupe Posada

He lived in mexico city until 1913 and produced thousands of illustrations and drawings, mostly for newspapers, broadsheet publications, the analphabet working class. His famous “Calaveras” series features those sweet skeleton illustrations you probably have seen somewhere before…


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