python's new package manager is called poetry! kudos to the inspiring name :) this tutorial has some cute illustrations, and am glad to see more hand-drawn graphics (by @dimitryzub) made for tech docs:

Why chained comparisons in Python don't return obvious boolean results when used without parentheses:
0 < 1 == True (returns False)
(0 < 1) == True (returns True)

This kind of unexpected comments cheers me up 🐍
class timedelta:
"""Represent the difference between two datetime objects.
Representation: (days, seconds, microseconds). Why? Because I felt like it.

Good news, I start code teaching this week, creating lessons structure and content for
They have some classes for free too.
I start with the beginners python class.

I'm working on a A5 zine pdf generator with python's FPDF library. It takes a text as an input, including image filenames too, and creates an A4 signatures of 2 pages. If you like to peep in the code:

The second file is the latest version, subclassing the FPDF.
I'll be adding future versions as new files.
And yes, it's on github for now, sue me :P

Working on a mail-lists migration workshop, and oh my! Mailman3 is a beast! It gave up pipermail archive and simple web interface for django sites, both for archives and website. And I'm a django junky, but still.. I prefer the simple old mailman2 site.


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