oldest book printed with movable metal plates Jikji about zen philosophy will be available as pdf online in English, according to this article. Is it out there yet?

I'm working on a A5 zine pdf generator with python's FPDF library. It takes a text as an input, including image filenames too, and creates an A4 signatures of 2 pages. If you like to peep in the code:

The second file is the latest version, subclassing the FPDF.
I'll be adding future versions as new files.
And yes, it's on github for now, sue me :P

The last months I've been watching k-dramas obsessively, so I picked-up learning Korean, am in week 3 now. I love the Hangul alphabet symbols, which was a radical language restructure in the 15th cent, switching from traditional chinese characters to simpler phonetic syllables.

The sounds are very hard to grasp though, but I found this open source python program anki, that helps memorizing with cards!

It works on many platforms too. And not only for languages.

Psaroskala zines are taking part in Glasgow Zine Festival 2021 for the month of April.
All zine makers have a video interview displayed at their tables. Check them out!



From yesterday's migration workshop, screenshots from the terminal slides (made with:github.com/vinayak-mehta/present).

At the end of the session we created a new list to exchange info on tech zines, inspiring docs and other manuals.
If you would like to subscribe:


There is still places for the workshop tomorrow at 11 CET, on installation+migrations.
If you would like to join registration is free, check out varia.zone/fhm-servers-migrati

Awesome poster by @ameliedumont

Just finished with the installation! Tomorrrow I'm going to import the first list as a test.

Happy women's day!

This beast is finally done!
It's more an object than a booklet, and I went a lil over the top with colors, which it does wake me up in the morning. A detail: each week has a command line tip.

It was an experiment, but if you would like to browse it or/and print it, I uploaded it here:

More pics:

Looking forward when the weather gets warmer and we can get out and about to roll these beauties out again.

My mobile book binding plateau, I'm carrying it between desk and kitchen, based on the day light .

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