My handwritten notes converted to poetic musings with remarkable pad's auto-conversion feature.

wow this project is so inspiring, quotes from US immigration forms embroidered on tees and hoodies :)

New zine is ready! ~~troubleshooting openVPN~~
you can download the pdf, or support the vpn series project by buying a physical copy.

What is a network bridge?
A polished version of the above sketch with image caption. Part of the coming zine "troubleshooting openvpn"

openVPN settings ask if a bridge or a route mode is needed. Routed network is our usual internet connection. What is a bridge?

Which fuse? A tea towel as a manual on what fuse you need and how to replace one made by the Electrical Association for Women in 1970s. source:

what is a VPN (virtual private network) in a nutshell; an extension of the public network allowing devices from different physical locations to connect as if they were in a local/private network. Hence the "virtual" part of the name.

how XOR logic works in visual to (de)cipher the message

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