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Our open call to feminist and queer peers out there:
We invite artists and art collectives who are intersectional with our identity politics to upload their videos during a residency or curate events/content on our peertube instance, a video streaming/archiving platform.

>> deadline: 20 March
>> confirmation: end of march
>> timeline of events/residency: april/may

More details about what and how:

the reborn font, Hong-Kong
"In the square, every stroke has its purpose, there are a lot of sharp edges and corners. The different strokes, and an attempt to make them ‘agree to disagree,’ symbolise a city that is home to many different people with voices. Some will be more extreme, but there are always some people mediating in the middle – that’s what the right-to-left strokes with rounded corners signify"

A new zine documenting the process of Read the Feminist Manual, a research introduction to gender discrimination in FOSS communities, and the lack of support in accommodating marginalized voices. The outcome of the project is a Firefox addon that replaces pronouns "she" and "he" with the neutral "they", intended for use in plain html pages of documentation.

Info and links to download the zine and the addon:

I can't remember who posted this, I think I found it via my newsfeed here. But it's a very dry and geeky zine. A beauty.
How could I get a copy?
The author's page is down :(

first time I noticed this "collectives" feature in stack overflow, I clicked, and then, ah the word collectives has the trademark icon. urgh.

For those near by Rotterdam, there is a zine camp happening this weekend at WORM! We have a table too, today till 9pm. Go fetch some !

Me happy I can read our names and work title in this brochure from 2018. How long till I can read the full text (and kdramas w/o subs)...

I'm experimenting with a browser plugin to change gendered pronouns to gender neutral, (part of my research in online governance, a cohort organized by columbia boulder college of media).

Inspiration comes from own and other feminist comrades, experiencing gender bias in FOSS communities.

At a civil service helpdesk yesterday, should we call it interface hacking?

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