I can't remember who posted this, I think I found it via my newsfeed here. But it's a very dry and geeky zine. A beauty.
How could I get a copy?
The author's page is down :(

first time I noticed this "collectives" feature in stack overflow, I clicked, and then, ah the word collectives has the trademark icon. urgh.

For those near by Rotterdam, there is a zine camp happening this weekend at WORM! We have a table too, today till 9pm. Go fetch some !


Me happy I can read our names and work title in this brochure from 2018. How long till I can read the full text (and kdramas w/o subs)...

I'm experimenting with a browser plugin to change gendered pronouns to gender neutral, (part of my research in online governance, a cohort organized by columbia boulder college of media).

Inspiration comes from own and other feminist comrades, experiencing gender bias in FOSS communities.


At a civil service helpdesk yesterday, should we call it interface hacking?

Print-making gets messy, stressful but also fun! We are sending new geeky stuff to spreadzine festival in Groningen NL. Exhibition at sign project space 17 - 26 September.

The other half of psaroskala team created a new zine totally old school, hand made and photocopied about our zines display construction from wood!

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