A new zine documenting the process of Read the Feminist Manual, a research introduction to gender discrimination in FOSS communities, and the lack of support in accommodating marginalized voices. The outcome of the project is a Firefox addon that replaces pronouns "she" and "he" with the neutral "they", intended for use in plain html pages of documentation.

Info and links to download the zine and the addon:

read-the-feminist-manual was accepted for the exhibition during the conference in Portugal. Alas, the organization doesn't cover expenses, and on top of it, I'd need to pay registration. I cannot afford it, neither I want to pay for being part of an exhibition. I find it strange that independent artists need to pay while their art research is already so precarious.
As a friend put it, in the north they pay you, in the south you pay.

Yes! Rosa Luxemburg in Greece just wrote me that they will cover all the expenses! I'm so happy, I couldn't make it other way.

That actually might make the documentation kind of confusing in parts because of the lack of distinction between singular and plural, won't it?

@mara This is an acronym that can use such a re-appropriation!

@mara Nice :) how about automatically making pull requests with changed pronouns on every project on GitHub? :)

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