PANEL: A Feminist Internet

25th of January, 2022
11:50-12:50 CET
Registrations are open until 24th

moderated by
#sysadmins, &


This panel advocates for a #feminist #internet and the need to empower its #communities, which work with the #technologies to do so. We, as artists who run a network of autonomous servers, have acknowledged a desire by creatives and activists to make and publish their work on our platforms, which are aligned with our identity politics, collaborative ethics and #privacy concerns. However, our communities lack the structural resources to enable feminist hosting #platforms to become sustainable in the longer term. Our invited speakers will elaborate on the urgency of #technofeminist #infrastructures in relation to the wider context of digital rights, and will address the challenges their mission entails in relation to internal and external agency.

Nate Wessalowski, Researcher, Leuphana University Lüneburg
Mallory Knodel, Chief Technology Officer, Center for Democracy and Technology
Andrea Zappa, Web developer, Freelancer
Maddalena Falzoni, Founder, MaadiX ISP
Anaïs Berck, Artist


A feminist internet - panel starts shortly!
We are streaming from our peertube

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