first time I noticed this "collectives" feature in stack overflow, I clicked, and then, ah the word collectives has the trademark icon. urgh.

@mara How much ‘consumer literacy’ does it take to recognize the word“collectives” as a trademark?

@jine to recognize the tiny 'TM' icon next to the word 'collectives' you mean? it's quite known I'd tell. But putting it next to a word it's absurd (to put it gently)

@jine and I believe that is not legal to do so with common words.

@mara I meant it more along the lines of trademark law, which states that something can be considered or registered as a trademark if consumer literary recognizes the word or image as distinctive in contrast to its common use. It started with “apple” …

@jine oh right. From what I remember from some past law courses, common names cannot be trademarked, they need to have something extra that makes it uncommon. With Apple products, its company name "Apple" stand-alone, isn't trademarked. It has the "R" icon, which IIRC means registered company?

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