we had a full day workshop with the other sysadmins installing peertube. The most fun part was going through the specs of our server. Here are the commands we used for checking:
disk space
df -h

hardware ram
free -h
dmidecode -t 17

bandwidth (varies based on client)
iperf -s (from server)
iperf -c <domain> (from client)

configuring apache as proxy has us stuck now. online examples are minimal and from two years ago and earlier.

anyone who serves peertube behind apache? docs support only nginx


Our peertube instance is up and running now. Turns out our apache configuration was not the issue, but the database extensions and ownership.
We can move to a more creative path now, such as finding a name for our instance, curating content, styling the interface, etc.
byte-tube looks like the most favorite, though it is taken by this channel

hmm.. is that a problem? they are quite nice also.

@mara congrats on setting it up! In terms of content curation my advice after working a bit longer with peertube is to be extremely selective with federation!

@rra With how many are you federating at the moment? I guess we need to be selective in terms of content spam, and metadata logs filling up disk space. anything else?

@mara Yeah so what happens when you federate with a server, is that their videos show up on your instance. Reversly, if you are followed, your videos show up on another server. So it is good to have a sense who that server federates with because your video might show up next to another. Then another thing you can do is to mirror particular videos or channels to help keep them online. So far the server I am involved with (tv.lumbung.space) does not federate with other peertube servers, but that is for other reasons.

@mara @𝓻𝓻𝓪

I recently got hardware live transcoding working, another nice Peertube feature (dont forget open the port 1935 for livestreams):
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