I'm experimenting with a browser plugin to change gendered pronouns to gender neutral, (part of my research in online governance, a cohort organized by columbia boulder college of media).

Inspiration comes from own and other feminist comrades, experiencing gender bias in FOSS communities.

@mara that original screenshot hurts my soul.. feels like way more dickish and sexist than just using the supposed "inclusive he" tbf, let alone the they.

@cadadr @mara When I first came across the gettext manual about it year ago I got a different impression.

Software i18n and l10n is a noble cause which has hugely improved accessibility for Non-English speaking peoples. Being explicit in word usage draws critical attention to the gender situation for the reader, as well as to minimize confusion for colonized people (probably the translator reading here) who were forced to learn English anyway. Most languages don't even have gendered pronouns.

@cadadr @mara


I am aware that GNU are still making the bad choice of preferring he/she pronouns used randomly, rather than using they: this manual page still hasn't changed. But this text really is not worsening gender biases. This was written by someone who grew up within and at the peak of the US empire; I have to applaud their inclusivity given the context of the gettext project.

Alas, they are not random choices. They reflect the reality of male dominance and sexist discourse in these spaces. Their obsession with language correctness has been a tired attempt to assert their privilege.

So it isn't only gettext, see attached screenshots of other manuals. This plugin would serve (me) as a tool to visualize the problem.

@jiaming @cadadr

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