The last months I've been watching k-dramas obsessively, so I picked-up learning Korean, am in week 3 now. I love the Hangul alphabet symbols, which was a radical language restructure in the 15th cent, switching from traditional chinese characters to simpler phonetic syllables.

The sounds are very hard to grasp though, but I found this open source python program anki, that helps memorizing with cards!

It works on many platforms too. And not only for languages.

@mara @Stoori Anki is the best!! I’ve used it for years, and now it’s helping me learn Dutch. It’s great that they’ve made it easy to drag images into cards so I can have less English and more evocative images in my deck without any hassle.

@mara @Stoori I can’t spend the mental space on actually learning Korean right now, but I’ve always kind of wanted to learn Hangul since it’s the coolest looking phonetic script

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