Fediverse question:
anyone knows of Chinese speaking instances? My vpn-zine collaborator @onebigear has joined our server and would be cool to help them explore federated communities closer to the east part of the world :)

@mara @onebigear has Chinese TOS and a Chinese-speaking mod. The admin is English-speaking, but solicited support for Chinese users after AO3 was banned in China (I believe)

@mara @onebigear there are a bunch of Chinese ones but I don’t know their name off the top of my head

@mara Yes, there are a couple of instances in Chinese. see
But unfortunately I have zero contacts to that part of the world, therefore I can't say anything about the quality of moderation or activity. :) @onebigear

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Systerserver Town

Very very small instance for feminists. Right now this instance is only moderated by Gaba & Anne with anne-and-gaba-kind-of-rules and it is invite only. If you want an invite send a message to gaba at