"The Magic Cap operating system was the most literal take on the desktop metaphor, featuring detailed illustrations of an actual desktop. It even stepped back from the desktop, metaphorically [...] There was office around the virtual desktop, and even a hallway and other rooms."


files and folders icons have stuck with us. I would love to see some other objects defining space around them too. Like doors and tables. I wonder what the djinn icon on the toolbar was for.

@mara This was the Data Rover made by some alums from the original Macintosh. The genie lamp pops up a menu of some always-accessible meta commands, the default being Search, File, Print, Spell, Contact, Fax, Beam, Mail, and some room-specific commands.

Genie for “command”.

@daffodilian @Sandra thank you for shedding more light into the desktop metaphors. computers == magic & genies, who wouldn't be seduced?!

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