New zine ready!
***Tunnels and smartphones***
Consider buying a physical copy to support the vpn zines project from
Available to download in digital format at

I caught a misspell on the above, correct link for the zines to download

@rra yes of course! Is it OK to wait 2 weeks for the shipping? We are in lockdown until end of the month in Greece and while I can print zines at home, the silkscreens are stored at my studio outside Athens. Let me know which one you like and I can reserve it for you!

@mara Yes no hurries! Sorry to hear Greece is back in lockdown. I'd actually like and

Could you DM me the payment details?

@rra @mara Oh I just now see the tea towel! So great!

@ccl thank you! The ones that @rra ordered are on their way :)

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