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Me queda tatuada tu frase que dice que te ama quien te hace crecer

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Feminist Hack Meetings* will happen in Athens, 9 and 10 of September as part of the project A Traversal Network of Feminist Servers, supported by the European cultural foundation. In case you are in the area, the workshops will be in English and Greek. And there will be a live stream too for those who aren't :)

More details about the program available here
(english at the bottom of the page)
* co-organized with @anglk and @estragon

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Gitlab planning to do what?!

> Users subscribed to GitLab’s free tier may soon see projects being automatically deleted if they have remained inactive for one year.
> According to The Register(opens in new tab), people in the know have suggested that this new rule could be activated from September 2022, but there has not yet been an official announcement.

I am mostly self-hosting, so I am not worried about my code, but this is plain silly.

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hey can anyone out there help me find critical/theoretical writing on hardware modding? (especially on video game hardware, but any kind of consumer modification of industrially-manufactured products would work)

I know that (e.g.) Stephanie Boluk and Patrick Lemieux have studied video game modding from a software perspective, but I don't know anyone studying hardware mods in particular.

(doesn't need to be "academic," just looking for stuff beyond tutorials and enthusiast press)

(boosts ok!)

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El libro, titulado "La carta de un ausente" , es una narrativa de ficción que fue escrita en el marco de un concurso por los 100 años de Mario Benedetti e Idea Vilariño. El mismo relata la historia de Idea, una mujer que intenta saber que pasó con su abuelo Mario que desapareció ciando era niña. El autor leyó un fragmento y me pareció excelente. Aca un video de un trabajo audiovisual sobre el libro

Parece que hay un bug al subir imagenes asi que aca estoy probando subir el final de Julio...

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La semana próxima estaremos participando de la cuarta convergencia #TransHackFeminista 🙌

Se trata de un encuentro autogestionado por una red mundial de transfeministas, feministas, queer, trans y personas de todos los géneros, interesadas en entender mejor, usar y desarrollar tecnologías libres para disentir socialmente, como alternativa a la corporativización de las tecnologías y el mundo digital.

Puedes leer más aquí:

Draft from Human Rights Protocol Considerations Research Group on Freedom of Association on the Internet

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Reminder! I'm speaking at #HOPE tomorrow about #Wikipedia: "How to Run a Top-10 Website, Publicly and Transparently".

It's at 17:00 UTC / 1pm ET in 416 DAC.

Or stream it at

More details:

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so i put together my abortion funds thread into a cleaned up and expanded blog post on dreamwidth, and i've found myself adding some updates to it as well. so i figured i'd share the link.

abortion funds still need your support.

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Mankind is even closer to its final extinction than most people thought. WIthout plankton the oceans will die off. Without oceans all of life is going to die, and the atmosphere will quickly become humanly uninhabitable.


Our empty oceans: Scots team’s research finds Atlantic plankton all but wiped out in catastrophic loss of life

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