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Are you an activist focused on mitigating the effects of #privilege on society?

Consider working with #privacy advocates to help understand the impact of organizations that coordinate mass #surveillance of everyday people.

We believe that a contributing factor of privacy-loss centers around privilege. And the notion that "we can track everyone, so we should" or "we have the right to know everything about the person that buys our product" should be part of a larger conversation on power.

Signal boost uses Signal to send mass messages to subscribed numbers

Tests lists are what we use to check for Internet censorship. In this video Netalitica explains how they gather it

Internet Measurement Village started today! So excited for all the good things coming to the Internet from the offline world :)

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Donestech: Webinar: Resultados de investigaciones feministas sobre violencias machistas online

Os traemos una invitación para el próximo miércoles 10 de junio a las 18:00hs. Vamos a hacer la presentación de los resultados de los informes sobre violencias machistas online que hemos hecho al mismo tiempo Hybridas+Komons+Calala por un lado y por otro Donestech+Antígona.

Sesión de dos horas (de 18:00 a 20:00hs GMT+1)
Inscripciones hasta 12h-10jun.

good things good things! let's power the descentralized space!

OH "if you see a system administrator happy then it means that there is something wrong" 😂

There is a transformation of onion services to reach out to more services and more people using it! It is starting with the new features in the Tor Browser 9.5

I have been missing Indymedia this weekend 😭

I want the self care routine of Amy Goodman

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My all time favourite point'n'click adventure games (limited to those playable in ScummVM for obvious reasons ;) ) in no particular order:

* Secret of the Monkey Island
* Day of the Tentacle
* The Dig
* Flight of the Amazon Queen
* Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
* Beneath a Steel Sky
* Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars

(yes it's a majority of LucasArts....)

#RetroGaming #PointAndClick #Adventure

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Microsoft released the source for GW-BASIC (1983) and reading it is a wild ride.

This code has everything

* Double-precision floating-point library
* Kanji support
* Leftover code from the Altair 8800

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How come i had never played "Flight of the Amazon Queen" before?

It's now one of my favourite point'n'click adventure games!

Released in 1995 for Amiga and DOS(+CDRom!), it became "freeware" in 2004 and thus playable with ScummVM \o/ where it can be downloaded today, also packaged in Debian <3

Perfect mix of Monkey Island, Indiana Jones (FoA) and The Dig! Wonderful decors, funny dialogues, not too difficult. A true gem! <3

#RetroGaming #Adventure #pointandclick

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