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Google has access to detailed health records on tens of millions of Americans

"Project Nightingale" is an attempt to squeeze more money from patients.

No salio la reforma constitucional en Uruguay para sacar a milicos a la calle! Igual un montón de gente voto el si 😐

"La empresa, a su vez, solicitó tener un acceso importante a agua para refrigerar los equipos." google instalandose en zona libre de impuestos en Uruguay

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From GitLab:

- We're adding tracking
- Including third-party tracking
- There will be proprietary scripts
- The website and API will be broken for you until you agree

" How are we going to organize ourselves in this proto-fascist moment in the US and around the world? " Mariame Kaba

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We're giving away 10 of our unpopulated SAO badge boards and lanyards this week.

Donate $20 or more now through Friday 13:00 UTC (9am ET), and you will be entered to win.

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Today, we're starting the process of having the 9 directory authorities refuse End-Of-Life relays in the Tor network.

The affected series are: 0.2.8.x, 0.3.0.x, 0.3.1.x (34), 0.3.2.x, 0.3.3.x, and 0.3.4.x.

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Lazyweb: if I want to sell shirt designs, and I’d like it to be a teespring-like thing where the shirt won’t wear through in 3 months, the material isn’t sourced from somebody dumping trash in the ocean or working meth-addled children through 17 hour days and everyone involved is making something approximating a living wage, what shirt vendor do I want?

I'm registering for three different one-day conferences the week before mozfest.... in London and I'm already exhausted.

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is hiring for two roles! 1. Researcher/Postdoc, Sociotechnical Security. 2. Researcher, Health & Data. Applications due Oct 25. See for more details!

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Oh hey, turns out it's even worse; it's more than just #WhatsApp, it's all FB-owned messaging: "Attorney General William P. Barr is set to press @facebook on Friday to create a so-called back door to its end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp ***AND OTHER MESSAGING PLATFORMS***"

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