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"Facebook doesn't have users, it has hostages at this point..." Cindy Cohen of the #eff in Karen Swisher's #podcast.

attempted to start following the "spark joy driven development" where I close as many old tickets as possible

Interesting presentation on how the presentation of data affected how heat waves affected the more vulnerable populations in Chicago in 1995

new self-care activity: to watch interviews to maya angelou on youtube

"... With one fist of iron, and the other of steel
If the right one don't get you then the left one will ..."

I found my old 2014 firefoxOS phone and I want to get LineageOS or other mantained OS into it. Any recommendations/tips/thougths?

OONI is launching new mobile app next week and is looking for people that can help finish the translation to russian, turkish or portuguese! It is not much time needed but it will help a lot to measure internet censorship in places where people speak those languages!

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Systerserver Town

Very very small instance for feminists. Right now this instance is only moderated by Gaba with gaba-kind-of-rules and it is invite only. If you want an invite send a message to gaba at