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"We call attention to the people and their bodies who are typically included in the data collection process, as well as to the people and their bodies who are typically left out. We question whose work gets recognized, and whose research questions should matter most."

Many beautiful cases on the use of data. "The double-edged sword of data shows just how important it is to understand how structures of power and privilege operate in the world. ... Data Feminism is a book about power in data science. Because feminism, ultimately, is about power too. It is about who has power and who doesn’t, about the consequences of those power differentials, and how those power differentials can be challenged and changed."

"Of course, when Champine created her bar chart, she also recognized in the 1980s what many of us are only now beginning to understand: that data visualizations, and the data science that underlies them, hold tremendous rhetorical force. "

Come to work with me! We are looking for somebody to help us develop tools to collect and process data related to the Tor network.

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"As Kimberly Seals Allers, women's health advocate, says, "Whatever the question, the answer is in the community."" 😍

Inside the brand-new museum
there’s an old synagogue.
Inside the synagogue
is me.
Inside me
my heart.
Inside my heart
a museum.
Inside the museum
a synagogue,
inside it
inside me
my heart,
inside my heart
a museum

Strangers from the US: stop asking people a thousand personal questions, not even one! I do not want to tell you where I am from or where I'm traveling or anything. YOU ARE NOT BEING FRIENDLY, you are harassing people!

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"no one leaves home unless
home is the mouth of a shark
you only run for the border
when you see the whole city running as well"

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CrimethInc.: **Music as a Weapon : The Contentious Symbiosis of Punk Rock and Anarchism**

"Punk played a pivotal role in the expansion of the anarchist movement between 1980 and 2010. Here's why, and what we can learn from it."

#anarchism #bot

"The OIF seeks to ensure Internet users in target countries are able to access and securely share USG broadcasters’ online news and other programming, using a variety of tools to counter foreign government-sponsored Internet censorship controls." Basicamente.... counter-propaganda

The big issue in the US is that EVERYBODY middle class and up evades taxes! Taxes are for the poor..

"What we’re trying to do is counter that narrative and say, “You don’t have to tell your story publicly. You don’t have to tell anybody what happened to you.” You have to get it out — but it doesn’t have to be at a poetry reading. It doesn’t have to be on social media at all. It could be a trusted friend. It could be your journal."

Cool visualization of a TLS connection "Every byte of a TLS connection explained and reproduced." via irc

SRCCON:Power still has CFP open. It will think and discuss relationship between journalism and community

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