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Re-upping my privacy-related question for Abstractions -- if attendance requires an NFC wristband, which participants are asked to not remove when they go home for the night between conference days, please update your FAQ & privacy policy to reflect that.

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Halt and Catch Fire!

The Open Call for contributions for the Eclectic Tech Carnival 2019, from 8 to 13 October in Athens, Greece, is now online in English (Greek version coming soon).

We are only waiting to be amazed by your ideas, so please get in touch:

@swenson is this a survey for a new awesome local and diverse hackerspace?

@swenson I hate bro tech culture... I want a feminist based hacker space in Portland

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For people looking for an alternative to Facebook events that isn't spammy like evite and the like, I recommend checking out

It requires no login, basically you provide an email address, you get a unique editing URL, you make a nice looking event form, and people can RSVP there. Your event and all related info is deleted from their DB 2 weeks after the event is over.

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Mark your calendars: the Eclectic Tech Carnival 2019 will take place in Athens, Greece, from 7 to 13 October!
Watch for the Open Call coming on 1 August - hope to see you there.

In Europe Scalable Policy-aware Linked Data Architecture For Privacy, Transparency and Compliance

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MetaFilter, the online community I run, is 20 years old today, which is just whaaaaaat when I really think about it.

I wrote up some thoughts about what the site means to me and what I want it to be.

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Systerserver Town

Very very small instance for feminists. Right now this instance is only moderated by Gaba with gaba-kind-of-rules and it is invite only. If you want an invite send a message to gaba at