Los helechos arboles de Aotearoa / The big ferns from Aotearoa

Open Technology Fund ha estado financiando muchos de los proyectos de software libre que usamos para acceder a Internet de forma más segura asi como para comunicarnos! Los cambios que se vienen en la organización muestran que los fondos para estos proyectos se estarán moviendo a proyectos de código cerrado

Adios juventud
No puedo esconder las canas
Adios juventud las ganas
De volver a salir
A March's camion
A grapa y limon

Cosas lindas! Acabo de recibir este libro para leer con lxs gurisxs!

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Contribute to the Feminist Studies issue on Indigenous Feminisms in Settler Contexts! Send me some of your creative writing (in any genre or no genre) at creative@feministstudies.org with a cover note with your mailing and email address. By March 1st. And spread the word!

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On learning black history in

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Lots of folks responded to my tweet on the power of learning black history asking for books to read. What’s clear is so many of us have been deprived of this essential history. Starting a thread of some works that were transformative for me. Please add your own.

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Hace 12 años fueron víctimas de la brutal represión de la policía de Peña en Atenco
Exigen justicia.
Nosotrxs con ellas!
La CoIDH ya les dio la razón.


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Hivos is concerned about partnership between @WFP@twitter.com and software firm . We join community in open letter urging UN to reconsider the agreement, which lacks and poses possible risks arising from data sharing. responsibledata.io/2019/02/08/

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We're nearing 8 years since my father was beaten unconscious, held in solitary confinement and severely tortured. A human rights defender serving a life sentence for fighting for human rights in a country that considers it an act of treason.

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Are you in at ?

Come join the @torproject@twitter.com relay operator meetup on Sunday, February 3rd @ 15:00 in room H.3244!

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New position open for a developer to work wtih @OpenObservatory@twitter.com !

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We're looking for a Backend Engineer to work with @OpenObservatory@twitter.com!

You'll work on the data processing pipeline and other components responsible for recording measurements by our global user network. Python or Golang required.

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A report by @OpenObservatory@twitter.com & @digisoczim@twitter.com sheds light on the internet blackouts and blocks that took place during the Zimbabwe fuel protests.

Thank you to all the Zimbabwean volunteers who ran OONI Probe, making this research possible. ooni.io/post/zimbabwe-protests

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A dam breaking in Belo Horizonte in Brazil!

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O rompimento aconteceu agora há pouco na Barragem Mina do Feijão, em Brumadinho, Região Metropolitana de Belo Horizonte. De acordo com as primeiras informações dos bombeiros, há possibilidades de vítimas.

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