for travelers in Aotearoa, any tip to get flights to South America? Any search engine or way you follow to buy tickets. They are totally not reasonable right now in price and length.

@gaba My brother in law flys Latam quite a lot, not sure how he books.

@gaba He flies the first leg of Sydney-Auckland-Santiago and finds it the cheapest way to get here.

@riverboatcaptain I will take a look at that. I may need to book several flights. Thanks

@gaba My Instagram knows I have typed the word Latam, because it now shows me Latam advertisements 🙂

@riverboatcaptain lol , if you get any cheap trip to SCL or MVD let me know 😂

@gaba Not too many options these days, unfortunately, especially if one doesn't want to fly via the USA. We last flew to Bogotá vía Santiago de Chile, with LATAM, in late 2019. They had improved somewhat since we previously flew with them. Meals flying out of Auckland were better than the meals flying out if Santiago.

@gaba We used a travel agent, as we find it adds a level of security and support when there are connecting flights, or if there are changes to flights.

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