Does anybody have a recommendation for an open-source software to manage a library? To add books manually or automatically by ISBN.

@gaba Zotero! It has a 'magic search' that can add books by ISBN.

@gaba A friend installed Calibre-Web for the Mediateca in Calafou, which was a great improvement for managing the huge library.

@aderieg thanks! I have used calibre before but never saw calibre-web. I will take a look

@gaba I'm very happy with Calibre on my little notebook with a detachable screen, which works well as a e-book reader, but I had never seen Calibre-web either, until my friend showed it to me.

@aderieg and now I'm going into a calibre spiral . 😂 There is also an app in android that you can connect with your computer calibre.

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