@gaba Interesting article! Though I wonder: Why is it an issue that they have developers in China? If it's because of spying (sharing sensitive data with government) then that's also an issue in USA. That's why I am extra careful with closed source software from both USA and China. But did I miss something?

@matiaslavik Yep. I agree that it is the same issue. The problem is when they say one thing and do other thing. That is why we need open source :)

@gaba Definitely! 👍
To be honest I know too little about the topic (encryption, security, etc.), but if something is open source it's hard to send sensitive data to governments without anyone noticing 😅
Oh and mentioning open source, I just tried out Jitsi (Open Source ZOOM alternative) for the first time. That worked like a charm! It's like Google Hangouts, without all the bugs.

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