Housing is a human right! We should ban large landlords from everywhere! Good for people in Berlin fighting for it.

@gaba Earlier this year this was going on in the UK:

I am so happy to not be renting anymore. There was no security in it at all. You could be kicked out with no meaningful notice period, then have to spend a load of money moving, meaning you couldn't actually plan for the future.

If you nationalise the housing though, isn't that just one big landlord? Maybe in Germany they really do mean nationalising it, instead of the UK version where the taxpayer subsidies the profits of private companies that actually run it, and it's all run really badly.

@irl So bad about the UK. I would think it would be to really nationalize it (social housing) and get laws/policies that could be change on how to rent/sell them. The idea would be not to have any big private landlord.

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