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I'm in Kiev for a project and followed others to the Ukrainian National Chernobyl Museum today. Only later did we understand why we got in for free - it's exactly 31 years ago that there was a steam explosion in reactor no. 4, resulting in the fire that lasted for 9 days, bellowing radioactive debris into the atmosphere.

Spent last week in Barcelona at the InfraCon meeting organised by eQualitie and Pangea. Here I am together with Adolfo from the Association for Progressive Communication, Maddish from Maadix and linuxawy. All good.

In rain and cold an estimated 40 000 people participated in the klimaatmars in Amsterdam today. I made a board inspired by Douglas Adams, author of the "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", in which planet Earth gets demolished to make way for a space highway. I like this sentence a) because I love potatoes, and b) because i.m.o. it reflects the idea of looking for more radical solutions to the complex issues we're facing.

In the mini replica of Café 't Mandje in the Amsterdam Museum. Bet van Beeren was the "stoere vrouw" proprietor of this famous bar.

At the Femmes Fatales exhibition with my friend Ka, in The Hague.

One of the pieces at the opening New Feminity # 3, Curated by Girls exhibition.

Am in Brussels for FOSDEM. Tips for talks I must not miss?

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