Got a new phone and installed @calyxos and am so satisfied. It's really quite easy, no comparison to what rooting and flashing phones used to be like.

Welcome to all the beautiful new accounts!

@JRW @duy @ai @aileen @lechuga @natex @evalab @ooooo @roza @pistache @merlek @asterisks

If you like please post something about yourselves, maybe using the hashtag so that others have the chance to see and follow you! You could also add a profile pic and bio to your account.

How have you been? Here's something we saw on our way back from Calafou, in Switzerland - hope you like it, too :).

Is anyone else using Tusky and having troubles to upload pics?

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Now streaming from #thf2022:

"Technics to Sense the Invisible" - a workshop on electromagnetic waves, which are everywhere around us, and how to sense them.
Recordings will be available after the workshop.

Two more weeks til . To sleeping bag or not to sleeping bag?

So.. who's coming to TransHackFeminist 2022?

@matahari_etc Hier wäre sonst auch noch schön. So als zweites Zuhause vielleicht?

@gaba Whaat? I looked yesterday and didn't see any (also didn't get mail notifications like I do sometimes?).

@ihdl Hier ist es, wie gesagt, noch still. Eine Möglichkeit, sich bekannt zu machen, ist ein Post mit dem Hashtag

@gaba So good to see you :). Let's get this going again?

@aderieg Und auch hier :). Aber hier ist es sooo einsam, wir sollten uns ein paar mehr hierher einladen!

@helen Great, I'm glad :). Still, would have been lovely to interact with you all. My bad :(

Shame, I missed the Upstage event at which would have given me the opportunity to see an old activist friend :(

@mara Thanks for making it - I walked around a little and liked it a lot :)

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